Audience Expectations Analysis (Research through Questionnaire)

Comedy Horror Questionnaire

1)      What kind of narrative do you expect to see from a comedy/horror film? (tick one)

Multiple  III

Non-chronological order (not in right time order) II

Single IIIII

2)      What sort of characters would you expect in a horror/comedy film? (tick one)

Smart    II

Idiotic     IIII

In control  I

Laid back    III

3)      What gender would you expect the main character(s) to be in a horror/comedy film? (tick one)

Male       IIIIIII

Female    IIII

4)      What would you expect there to be more elements of in a horror/comedy film? (tick one)

Horror     IIII

Comedy     IIIIII

5)      What kind of plot would you prefer to see in a horror/comedy film? (tick one)

Serious   III

Complex     II

Simple     IIIII


6)      What would you use a horror/comedy film as? (tick one)


Acquiring knowledge    III

Satisfying emotional needs

Self esteem

Socialization   IIIIIII

Analysis of Questionnaire

The group was able to send around a questionnaire to the ideal target audience of teens/ young adults aged 15- 35. I was able to ask a total of 10 people and made sure that i had asked 5 females and 5 males, this was so that i could gain an understand of what each gender expects from a Comedy Horror film.

  • Narrative

The First question that I presented to my participates was what kind of narrative do they expect, and the results came out that the majority voted for a single narrative plot, mainly due to the fact that the plot is easy to follow and doesn’t need too many added features. This fits well with our own film idea as we have set it as a single narrative.

  • Characters

Characters are an important element in films, so we wanted to know what type of personality does the audience most want to see. As you can see the most popular answer was ‘Idiotic’  because it adds more to the comedy and is a strong point in jokes. Our film idea has 2 main characters; one being the more serious, working type and the other being more idiotic and slow.

  • Gender

I asked both females and males what gender would they prefer to see in a Comedy Horror film, and i expected that it would be equal however it seems that the male sex is seen more as a main character rather than a female. We have adapted this data into our film by having 2 male main characters.

  • Genre Elements

The questionnaire didn’t show a clear dominate answer to this question, however we learnt that the majority of people would most likely be interested in seeing more comedy throughout a Comedy Horror film, because of this information we will still keep the Comedy Horror conventions but try a more subtle approach to the comedy element for a better success.

  • Plot

The popular answer to what type of plot our target audience preferred was ‘Simple’, several added that in a comedy horror film its best to keep the plot on a straight line rather than getting too over complicated and features multiple plot twists, we thought it best to keep out own film with a simple storyline in order to attract more of an audience.

  • Uses

A large proportion of participate answered they would use a comedy horror film in the form of a socialization manner because it would be mainly their own age group that would most likely go and see a Comedy Horror film. This is another our film idea meets as it would be used as socialization with friends rather than family because it will have an age certificate of around a 15


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